The question is not why would you need a plumber - it is why wouldn't you!

Plumbing is an essential part of a house. In fact, without proper plumbing, you wouldn't even be able to get proper tap water. At the same time, plumbing disasters are one of those unpredictable as well. It can happen to anything. Need assistance? Leave it to us!

We understand your worries and concerns. This is why we at Nepalgunj Home Services have a team of highly professional plumbers who guarantee a lasting solution available 24/7. After all, we understand that disasters can strike at any moment.

Be it a pipe leakage, clogged drainage, or accidental mishaps- we are here for you!

Why choose us?

You may be asking why would you choose us over others? Well, we can answer this in two phrases "Service Warrantee" and "Immediate Response". 

Since we promise "Service warrantee" we naturally would hire the best plumbers who can give you service that lasts. If we provide faulty plumbing services, it is bad for both of us. 

Along with this, our immediate response team ensures that you get relief immediately regardless of the time. Plumbing disasters can easily be a catalyst for other mishaps should they be left unchecked for too long. 

Because of this, we are among the best-rated Home service provider in Nepalgunj. Don't believe us? Why not give us a try by booking a call? There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for you!

Plumbing expertise at Nepalgunj Home Service:

We hire expert plumbers who have hands-on experience in just about every sector of plumbing, be it pipe installation, drainage construction and maintenance, Online and offline heating system, and so on. Broke your toilet drainage? No worries - we are here for you. Need to install a water tank? We got your back. 

Our service includes:

  • Pipe Repairment
  • Water Tank and Reservoir Cleaning
  • Install and Repair Water Pump
  • Install and Repair  Drainage
  • Install and Repair Pipeline
  • Repair and Installation of Sink and Basins