Paint brings life to our homes! This is not just a quote but a fact. Regardless of how well designed your house is, without a good coat of paint, it will just feel bland and empty.

Need someone to make your house feel lively and homely? Nepalgunj Home Services is here for you. Just give us a call and let us know your need. We will provide you with experts who know how to bring each corner of your house alive - through the power of paint.

It doesn't matter how complex the design is - we have a team ready for you!

Why choose us?

Why pick us? Because we provide you with painters and designers who know your needs! We first understand your needs and issues before we send in our experts. This means that by the time they arrive at your location, our designers and painters already know what to do. 

With just a few instructions and clarification, our experts can begin their work. This saves a huge amount of time. Besides saving time, our services are warranted as well. You can be assured that you won't need the same services shortly.

Painting expertise at Nepalgunj Home Service:

Our painting expertise consists of designers and painters with years of experience and practical knowledge. With their abundant experience, our experts can easily fulfill your paint desire and even give you advice on painting your house should you need aby.

Our service includes:

  • Custom Paint Designs
  • Versatile Color schemes
  • Advice for painting your rooms/ home
  • Quick response